What We Do

About Macroscopia

Macroscopia is a Community Interest Company, or social enterprise, which was set up in 2015.  It aims to develop environmental, social, economic and cultural sustainability in an inclusive, just way. It does this through promoting better public policy and social change through evidence-based interventions.  We are based in East Antrim, Northern Ireland. The directors of Macroscopia are Jude Stephens and John Eversley. Jude is Deputy Director of the Gibson Institute for Land, Food and Environment and course convenor for the Master’s in Leadership for Sustainable Development at Queen’s University Belfast. She has many years’ experience in education and activism around environmental and rural development issues in Northern Ireland. John has been a tutor on the Leadership course. He has many years’ experience as a policy adviser, public sector manager and community worker, focusing particularly on issues of public health, equality and social justice. His experience is in London, in international projects and Northern Ireland.

We are engaged with projects to:

Our interests are in sustainability, justice, peacebuilding, community development. It is not enough to have a good or important idea, the process of putting it into practice is also important. We want to support organisations and movements in not only doing the ‘right thing’ but ‘doing the thing right’.  That often involves using innovative methods for exploring issues – policy simulations, Forum Theatre, uncovering hidden histories of social movements and social change.  Links to some  of the materials we have been involved in producing are here.